A M Y  M I Z R A H I


Amy is a dual US-UK dual national, and is based in Liverpool, UK. She holds a postgraduate degree in Illustration from the Manchester School of Art, during which time she co-founded the artist led space, SLOE Gallery in Manchester (UK). She served as the co-director of SLOE Gallery for the past two years, co-curating a new exhibition every six weeks.

Amy has worked alongside a number of arts for health collectives, and strives to make work that creates awareness of mental illness. In 2017, Amy was asked to work alongside the art collective ‘Broken Grey Wires’, a contemporary art organisation responding to and exploring mental health. Amy exhibited work in the Broken Grey Wires exhibition ‘Five years: my brain hurts a lot’ at Sunbury House in London, where her work was later sold at a mental health charity auction.

Amy has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions, including a solo exhibition titled ‘A Day Like Any Other’ at SLOE Gallery in 2017. Later in 2017 she undertook a three-month artist residency in Los Angeles, and in 2018 Amy will be taking part in a one month artist residency at Unit 1 Gallery in London. Amy has also been chosen for the Joan Charnley Bursary scheme, which will result in a solo exhibition at the Weavers Factory (Manchester,UK) in 2020.